About Us

La Lagune

At La Lagune, we redefine the notion of clean by offering soap that is as gentle on you as it is on the planet. Starting with the fresh and intense fragrance of lavender, La Lagune soap bars work with nature, while respecting the natural elements of your skin to cleanse and nourish it. Developed with sensitive skin in mind, we believe in powerful cleansing products that are natural and free from harmful ingredients. Our commitment goes beyond products to include people and planet ensuring everything we do is with the greater good of humanity in mind.

Gentle on you, gentle on the planet

Problems due to sensitive skin are unfortunately common today. The reasons are varied, but those with sensitive skin are generally more reactive to soaps, detergents, dyes, and fragrances in topical products. We knew we could do better...

We launched La Lagune, a complete line of soap bars, on two founding principles. The first was a commitment to gentle, yet powerful ingredients that both cleanse and nourish the skin. Hence, we depend on high quality lavender essential oils - a scent reminiscent of the South of France. With its numerous benefits backed by scientific studies that found lavender oil may help fight acne, infections and various strains of skin disease, additionally lavender oil has true medical aromatherapeutic properties - we trust in this natural remedy to develop our products. Second, we commit to the best manufacturing practices, supervised by EU authorities, while ensuring 100% of our ingredients are from sustainable agriculture, which is good for the planet. Our soap contains essential oil, almond oil, and olive oil among other premium ingredients, and are always free from parabens, petrochemicals, and never tested on animals. The La Lagune lavender soap bar belongs to the few premium bar soaps developed and tested for true sensitive skin.

Our Beginning

La Lagune is a family affair. It all started 10 years ago when our founder set out to find a solution to his wife’s sensitive skin. Like many, she suffered from skin irritations from using liquid soap, which proved to be a problem just about everywhere she went. And so, our founder set out to develop his own mild soap when he discovered the miraculous powers of lavender essential oils. With its inviting scent and healing abilities coupled with a commitment to the environment, our founder went on to develop the next-generation of soap for sensitive skin. Today, the La Lagune product line has been approved by family, friends and hundreds of happy and satisfied online customers. As the brand continues to grow, its commitment to natural ingredients that are good for people and planet will remain the same. We hope to continue to share the benefits and beauty of lavender and clean ingredients with all, and especially to help customers with their sensitive skincare needs.