Lavender essential oil prevents acne

Lavender essential oil


Dr. Alvina Jalil M.B.B.S, DMRD.


When you come across lavender oil, you think of a floral, sweet, and pleasant smell. However lavender is much more than just a fragrance, and many people are unaware of its exceptional benefits not only on the skin but also on general mental and physical health.  


About essential oils:

Essential oils are liquids extracted from the aromatic parts of plants, such as the leaves, flowers, and roots.


Lavender oil is an essential oil derived from the flowers of the lavender plant, called Lavandula angustifolia. A plant that grows in various parts of France and Bulgaria. 


Different ways to use:

This miraculous oil is available in its own concentrated form but is also found in creams, mists, moisturizers, and oils. 

Lavender can be applied to the skin, breathed in through aromatherapy, and can be taken orally. The route of entry into our body determines the effect that it will have, and to have the most beneficial effect on our skin it should be applied topically. Inhalation by aromatherapy activates sensory neurons and has positive calming neuro effects, and ingesting it has great systemic effects once absorbed in the gut.  


Lavender essential oil has numerous benefits on our overall health, and it’s been used for centuries to treat multiple conditions both cosmetically and therapeutically [1]

Owing to its strong antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, calming, and anti-depressive properties makes it the most used essential oil in the world today.  


Benefits of lavender essential oil on skin:


The benefits of lavender oil are seemingly endless, making it one of the important ingredients to add to your daily skin routine. 




Prevents acne

According to research studies, lavender oil is one of the most beneficial oils for the treatment of acne. A very common skin condition encountered by 9.4% of the global population, making it the eighth-most prevalent disease worldwide [2]. It is quite an uncomfortable condition that primarily affects younger people as they go through puberty, but can also afflict adults.


Lavender oil helps to prevent acne and heal acne breakouts, by fighting against and killing the bacteria. When applied to the skin, it reduces inflammation and unclogs pores [3]. It inhibits the bacteria that cause acne, helps to regulate over excretion of sebum by hormonal manipulation, and additionally, it can reduce the signs of scarring after acne has begun to heal. 


To use lavender oil for acne treatment, apply the oil on its own or mix it with another essential oil, and apply it to your skin after washing your face. It can also be added to your facial toner and rubbed gently on the skin with a soaked cotton ball. 


Soothes eczema and dry skin

Due to its natural ingredients that have anti-fungal properties, lavender oil can be used to treat another common skin condition, called eczema. 

Eczema can appear anywhere on the skin and makes the skin itchy, dry and scaly, applying lavender oil to the affected area can reduce inflammation and soothe eczema. Other skin conditions like psoriasis can also be treated with lavender oil, it helps in reducing redness and irritation [4]

Having an allergic skin reaction can also be treated by applying lavender oil to the allergic area and soothing the skin. 


Helps in skin lightening

With the potency to reduce inflammation, lavender oil can aid in skin lightening. It can reduce discoloration including dark spots, redness, and lessens blotchiness. Apart from that if you have hyperpigmentation, lavender essential oil could help the pigmentation to relax. It also settles the raised part of a blemish and speeds up the skin’s repairing process, giving a much smoother and brighter skin appearance. 


Reduces wrinkles

Lavender oil is a source of beneficial phytochemicals and antioxidants, which help to battle signs of premature aging. The free radicals caused by environmental stressors like pollution and UV rays are fought by antioxidants found in lavender oil, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 


Other important benefits of lavender essential oil:


  1. Antioxidant properties:

Our body needs antioxidant protection from free radicals, these are toxins, pollutants, and chemicals, they are commonly found in our environment and diet nowadays. To fight these free radicals, our body naturally creates antioxidant enzymes such as catalase, glutathione, and superoxide dismutase – these enzymes protect our body from damage and helps to keep the immune system strong. 

Unfortunately, due to poor diet and high exposure to toxins, our bodies can become deficient in these antioxidants leading to a series of harmful effects. 

Thankfully, we have a natural antioxidant, lavender essential oil, that can not only prevent diseases but also help reverse a few of them. 

A study conducted in 2013, concluded that lavender essential oil has the ability to increase the body’s vital enzymes required for antioxidant action against pollutants and toxins. [5]


  1. Promotes healthy skin and hair:

Apart from antioxidant properties, lavender essential oil also has antimicrobial characteristics, which means it has a considerable impact when applied to skin and hair. Its topical application can treat multiple skin conditions including allergic reactions, canker sores, age spots, and acne. While its anti-inflammatory properties help us maintain younger-looking skin since it can reverse the signs of aging and also helps to ease skin conditions [6].

For healthy skin, you can apply lavender oil on the concerned area, you can also combine it with jojoba or coconut oil for enhanced results and massage this mixture onto the skin. Adding it to your daily skin routine has additional effects and gives one healthier, younger skin. Some recommendations are; applying on skin first thing in the morning, after taking a bath, right before bed, or adding it to your face wash or body wash. 

Your scalp health is as important as other parts of the body, lavender oil can be used to improve scalp conditions, most commonly targeted conditions are hair loss and alopecia areata [7]. Simply massage lavender essential oil into the scalp three to four times a week. 


  1. Elevates mood and reduces stress:

Recent studies have shown that lavender essential oil helps to treat neurological conditions like stress, anxiety, migraines, and depression. These studies are inspired by traditional ways of using lavender oil, traditionally lavender oil was used as a sedative, for calmness and to cure depression. A study conducted in 2013 showed lavender oil supplementation with 80milligrams capsules to alleviate depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances [8]. Simply putting a diffuser in your bedroom or family room can help in relieving stress and provide better sleep patterns. Another simpler way to use lavender oil for similar benefits is to apply it topically behind your ears. 


  1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils as a therapy to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It can be used by inhaling, by applying to the skin, or through the digestive system. It creates a relaxing environment.

Lavender oil is a potent stress reducer due to its aromatherapy properties, which in turn has a positive effect on your skin. It acts on the nervous system and neurons whereby it produces positive effects on mental well-being [9]  

Benefits of aromatherapy with lavender oil include;

-relieving stress, anxiety, and depression

-enhancing mood

-preventing insomnia and better sleep quality

-manage pain

-treat headaches and migraine

-ease discomfort of labor pains

-soothe sore joints

-fight bacteria, virus, and fungus


Lavender essential oil not only has positive effects on the skin, but it also has the following added benefits:

-Supports brain function; this oil also helps patients with Alzheimer’s, by improving cognitive impairment [10]

-Natural treatment of diabetes; although studies are still being conducted, lavender oil was found to decrease the symptoms of diabetes. 

-Healing of cuts and burns; its antimicrobial property speeds up the process of healing skin eruptions like cuts, burns, scrapes, and wounds. Not only that it also protects them from getting infected [11]

-Relieves headache; lavender essential oil is an excellent calming agent, it relieves stress and induces relaxation. 

-Calming therapy for cancer patients; studies have suggested that inhaling lavender oil helps patients with cancer to cope with nausea, chronic pain, stress, and depression. This aromatherapy with lavender oil can be used as a therapeutic agent since it stimulates the immune system, improves sleep, and boosts mood


-Relives pain; given that it has anti-inflammatory properties, lavender oil can reduce inflammation and pain intensity by simply rubbing it into the area of concern. 

-Treat insomnia; studies have shown how lavender oil improves quality and duration of sleep owing to its calming effects, improving overall well-being [13]


This miraculous essential oil promotes general physical and mental health, without any adverse unwanted effects. [14]





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